The information below was applicable during Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot 2019. This information is reserved for changes.


  1. Board-on-board race over 2000 m, on a 6-or 8-shift track. (All but 2-and 4-on an 8-team job.) 
  2. Competition Manage
    ment: Roos Teeuwen;           T: 06-48023954;  wedstrijdleiding@laga
    .nl, Cleo Orbons;               T: 06-52111806; wedstrijdleiding@laga
    .nl Laura van de Wardt T: 06-24595900;
    Head of the Jury: MW. E. Lime Tree.
  3. Safety Coordinator: Sy
    lle Hoogeveen T: 06-19765120 d @ laga. nlJe
    an-Luc Overkamp T: 06-27217663
  4. Registration: Until Wednesday 12 June 17:00 hours via the KNRB registration program.
  5. Entry Fee: Junior Skiff €17.50, Senior Skiff €26.00, Junior two €27.00, Junior four €32.00, senior two €35.00, junior eight €42.00, senior four €45.50, senior eight €58.00, business eight €200.00. Pay before Friday 14 June 12:00 pm on NL40ABNA0451439392 Attn Stichting contests Laga in Delft stating Registration Fees DRR + association name.
  6. Draw: At the competition management Thursday 13 June 19:00 hours.
  7. Contest numbers: Numbers are cancelled or merged with less than 4 registrations.
  8. Double boot usage between J18 and M18 is possible. Idem between J16 and M16. Other double boot use takes place at your own risk. In all cases, the registration must indicate in which fields the duplicate will be started. 
  9. In the layout of the block scheme, the standard programme + corresponding provisions for two-day rowing games of the KNRB are held as much as possible. In connection with the Open NK Groot for seniors, juniors and Paraprowers, a number of points of the standard programme are deviated.
    Elite Fields (1x, 2-, 2x, 4-and 4x) have been written out on both days (of which 1 day NK field), Advanced fields (H/D in the above mentioned boat types) have lapsed. The program as mentioned in the KNRB registration program is leading. Certain match numbers will be cut on 8-courses. This applies to all numbers except the unsent board numbers. The competition management retains the ability to merge the Advanced and advanced-B fields into the H4, D4, LH4 and LD2x fields if there is not enough space in the timetable. According to the NK rules, the NK numbers A and B finals will take place, provided there are enough registrations for it (B final 4 teams), see the NK rules. For all other fields, B-finals are only rotated if there is room for this in the timetable, to be assessed by the competition management. B-Finals are added in a prioritisation set by the board of the KNRB. With more than 20 entries in the junior 2x's, semi-finals will be added to the program. For J16 2x and J18 2x, in that case the front matches will take place on Saturday in Block 8 (J16 2x) and block 6 (J18 2x). Semifinals and finals take place in the already planned blocks. For M16 2x and M18 2x, in that case the pre-matches and semifinals will take place in the already scheduled blocks on Saturday and the finals on Sunday take place in Block 12 (M16 2x) and Block 15 (M18 2x). For the 8 +, fields of less than 4 registrations, the fields for the 16-year-olds and the 18-year-olds are merged into one combined field in Block 15. Note, this is the same block as the 2x for the 16-year-olds. For the winner of the 16-year-olds, a glance will be given (only at 2 teams or more).
    The complete block schedule is available in the KNRB registration program.
  10. Info:

Traffic rules

During the Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot, the following traffic rules apply for the teams:

enOproeien, warm-up and cooling-down should be done in the specially designed riot orbit that is separated from the track as shown on the map below.

ten minutes before your scheduled start, please log in to the camp court at the end of the riot track. This camp judge will ask you and the teams against which you start in order to navigate under the bridge to the start, where you prepare for the start and the command will be handed over to the service starter.

nif you are expected to take the erevlot after your race, follow the indicated circulation. In all other cases, follow the lane to Starboard, where you will be back in the riot area after a U-turn. According to the same circulation as during the riots, here is the opportunity to eradicate. You then submit to one of the two incoming rafts
. Violating the traffic rules can be punished with a warning.

Note: The rowers at the beginning of the riot track and the rowers that come back from the finish crosses at the incoming rafts. So pay extra attention!

it is possible to train up to half an hour before the first start of the day or fifteen minutes after the last finish of the day. Between half an hour before the first start and fifteen minutes after the last finish, it is not allowed to train; Also not in the riot track or during breaks.

Sailing rules schematically boarded on board com
petition If a track is declared to be prohibited, both the boat and the blades are not allowed to enter this course.

Sailing rules schematically time-trials


Or find them here in PDF:

Board on board: WAB_Baankaart_1-6_1-8_v 2.0

Time-Trial Jobs 4-5: WAB_Baankaart_TT_4-5_v 1.0

Time-Trial Job 8: WAB_Baankaart_TT_8_v 1.0