As the organising committee of the Raceroei Regatta, we want to give companies the opportunity to experience the Raceroei Regatta for themselves. This will be done by giving them the chance to start the race themselves!

The D.S.R.V. “Laga” is organising the Raceroei Regatta for the eleventh time, where the (sub)top of rowing Netherlands will compete for the victories. All companies that start will enjoy a free lunch and access to the VIP tent after the game.

This year Business field starts on Sunday the 14th of May, the deadline for registration is the 10th of May. If you are interested, please let us know via

Eights (experienced)

Experienced rowers can defend their company on the Willem-Alexander Baan in an eight. Together with 7 other colleagues you will start the Raceroei Regatta and compete over a distance of two kilometres. This is the perfect team building activity for you and your colleagues.

On the day of the competition, an extensive program will be offered with many extras apart from rowing. For more information about the program and starting at the Raceroei Regatta 2023, you can contact us at

The D.S.R.V. “Laga” also gives companies the opportunity to follow various training courses with us in order to be well prepared for the competition. For more information about various clinics please email