General Information Business Rowing
The organising committee of the Raceroei Regatta wants to give companies the opportunity to experience the Raceroei Regatta very closely: by starting this race yourself!

The D.S.R.V. “Laga” organises this event for the eighth time this year, where the (sub)top of rowing in the Netherlands will compete for the victories. However, the Raceroei Regatta is much more than just a race. We strive for an optimal experience of the competition for the spectators. For example, you can be inspired by the ingenious projects of TU Delft, such as the bike of Human Power Team and the submarine of Team Wasub Delft. In addition, all companies that start can enjoy a free lunch and have access to the VIP drinks after the race.

The race can be started in two different boat types; a business four (inexperienced) and a business eight (experienced). Both fields are explained below. If you are interested, you can contact us through The sign-up deadline for 2020 is April 19.

Business four (inexperienced)
For inexperienced rowers there is the possibility to row a distance of 500 meters during the race weekend with 3 other colleagues. Before you start this challenge on the Willem-Alexander Baan, of course we will prepare you with three technical trainings from an experienced coach. During a rowing clinic you will get an explanation of the rowing sport, where the importance of working together in the boat will be clarified. In addition, you also get a guided tour through our monumental building in Delft.

Business eights (experienced)
Experienced rowers can defend their company’s name on the Willem-Alexander Baan in an eight. Together with 7 other colleagues you will start the Raceroei Regatta and compete two kilometers for the victory. This is a perfect team building activity for you and your colleagues.

On the day of the competition, an extensive program will be offered with many extras besides rowing. For more information about the program and starting on the Raceroei Regatta 2020 please mail to

Alewijnse’s Experience
Alewijnse started the Raceroei Regatta in the Business Fours. Read more about the experience of Alewijnse!