The information below was applicable during Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot 2019. This information is reserved for changes.

  1. The Damen Raceroei Regatta is a national regatta rowed abreast over the standard distance of 2000 meters on a eight-lane regatta course.
  2. The regatta is subject to the rules stated in the rules for racing as published by the royal Dutch rowing federation. (“Reglement voor Roeiwedstrijden” and the “Uitvoeringsreglement van de Koninklijke Nederlandsche Roeibond”), the important difference with the FISA Rules for Racing being that repĂȘchages are omitted. Qualifying standards for the heats will be determined by number of entries.
  3. Regatta manager: Cleo Orbons (+31 6 338 494 13) E: Head of the jury: E. Lindeboom.
  4. International entries are possible until Sunday the 29th of May, 05:00PM GMT+1 via email (
  5. International crews are exempt from all entry fees.
  6. Draw: conducted the 12th of June, 07:00PM GMT+1 by the regatta manager.
  7. First start: 08:30AM. First final: 01:00PM. These times are subject to change, final timetable will be published after the entries are closed.
  8. Each event must have a minimum of four entries. Events with less than three entries will be removed from the programme or merged.
  9. Weighing of rowers and coxswains will take place between two and one hours before the first race of the event in the weighing room on the ground floor.
  10. Info: or

During the Damen Raceroei Regatta the following rules apply:

Warm up
The warm up and cooling down has to take place in the designated lanes. These lanes are seperated from the regatta lane as can be seen on the map below.

The Start
Ten minutes before the start the crew has to report at the official at the end of the warm up lane. This official will line-up you and the other crews from your heat and ask you in sequence to row under the bridge to the start. Here the command will be transfered to the official responsible for the start.

After a race you are expected to follow the track to starboard side and make a U-turn back to the warm up area. Here is also the option to cool down. Cooling down happens in the same area as the warm up.

Schematic rules side-by-side races

8 lanes:


6 lanes:


white gradient