D.S.R.V. “Laga” will organise the Raceroei Regatta on 4 and 5 May 2024 for the twelfth time. Competitive rowing and supporters in the Netherlands will then again be able to travel to the Willem-Alexander Baan in Rotterdam.

The focus of the competition is on providing optimal support to the rower during his/her performance. These rowers can enjoy a free lunch and ample warm-up facilities. In addition, bicycles will be available for supporters and coaches to cycle along on the side.

During the race, supporters will therefore be involved with the rowing through clear commentary and a live stream. Besides rowing, there is also more to experience along the course. Along the promenade, various stalls with companies and DreamTeams will be set up where all visitors and rowers can have a chat.

This edition, the Raceroei Regatta will again be part of both the Development standings and the First Year standings. This means full days where the Willem-Alexander Baan’s distinctive eight lanes will come in handy. In addition to these rankings, the Raceroei Regatta offers start opportunities for the Company Classification, more experienced rowers in the Advanced and Elite fields, and this year juniors will again start in the various junior fields.

In short, do you also want to enjoy a weekend full of exciting races, perfect facilities and many other activities? Then make sure you are there on 4 and 5 May 2024!