Boats weighing

The information below was applicable during Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot 2019. This information is reserved for changes.

Also on the Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot will be weighed in 2019 at all races boats. Below you find answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much should my boat weigh?
The weights for boats are found in article 19 of the Rules of Procedure for Rowing races (page 13).

When will it be weighed?
After each race a few boats are weighed by sampling. So it can prevent you from being selected for both your competition and your final.

Where is it weighted?
The weighting takes place in the rear aisle (from the course counted) of the boat shed. Both the test paths and the samples take place at this location.

How is it weighted?
If your boat is selected for the weighing of boats, this will be told by the Control Committee as soon as you take your boat out of the water. They will accompany you to the scales.

What if my boat turns out to be light?
If your boat is found to be light for the first time, you will get the last place in the result of your race. Will your boat be lit again later during the race? You will be excluded from participating in the relevant number.

Can I test roads?
Yes, of course it can. Prior to the first races and 20 minutes after the end of the last races, there may be a test-weighted. During the official weighing moments it is also possible to weigh the test, but official weightings take precedence. Keep in mind waiting times. See below for a schedule.

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