[:nl]Come on the Damen Raceroei Regatta/Aegon NK Groot 2019 from 10.00 am to the Regatta Boulevard and get inspired by the motivated Dream Teams of TU Delft! In The last decade, the Delft University of Technology has built up a beautiful reputation, partly thanks to the Dream Teams. These are teams where students work together to build a vehicle, or even a rocket, to race against other teams from all over the world or to break world records.

The following teams are present at the competition this year:

  • Ecorunner
  • Nova Bike

The teams are presented below.

Since 2005, the Eco-Runner Team Delft has been building highly efficient vehicles. In 2006, the car was powered by hydrogen and this made our story complete. Every year, the Eco-Runner Team builds a car that stands for the ultimate form of sustainable mobility. Incredibly large distances ride on a small amount of green fuel. This has led to our vision: "To promote a sustainable future by building the world's most efficient hydrogen car."

WASUB is a dream team of TU Delft supplemented with students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and VU Amsterdam. Each year, these students design, build and race a human-powered submarine. The several WASUB teams have succeeded in the past few years and in 2015 WASUB V has even managed to set the world speed record for 1-person propeller man-powered submarines with a staggering speed of 7.42 knots. The WASUB VI was also very successful and last year took home several prizes during the European Internationals Submarine Races in England.

This year it's the turn of the new WASUB team to match these successes. However, they have chosen to take up the challenge and do so in another category, namely the 1-person non-propeller-driven class. Are you curious about what drive mechanism it has become and how it works exactly? Do you want to experience what it is like to sail in a WASUB? Then come to the new boat review at the WASUB booth during the Damen Raceroei Regatta or take a look at the WASUB website: www.wasub.nl.

Nova Bike
The vision of Nova Bike to lead the transition to sustainable and high-quality motorcycling. Nova Electric Racing aims to show the world that you do not have to compromise on the performance of a vehicle by switching to renewable energy to power it and how cool electric driving can be, because we believe this is the future .

The 10th team of Nova Electric Racing is going to design and produce a completely new electric road bike for the 2019 racing season. With this motorcycle we will participate in the Open Electric Superbike Competition and we try to defeat the round track of the electric motor at the TT Circuit Assen.

[:en]Over the past decade, Delft University of technology has acquired quite a reputation in the field of (sustainable) innovation. A Big driving factor in this was provided by the so-called "Dream Teams", groups of students who are offered the opportunity to build a vehicle (land-or water-based, or even a submarine!) which will then compete in races around the globe against similar vehicles. Everything is possible: only the students ' imagination can be a limiting factor in constructing these high-performance vehicles. An impressive number of Dream Teams will host a small exhibition at the Damen Raceroei Regatta. You may be familiar with some while others are brand new! This Year's edition, WASUB, Nova bike and Ecorunner will be there![:]