[:nl]Laga's Jeugroeikamp
Every year, a youth-drying camp (JRK) is organized from Laga! The camp is set in Naarden-Vesting. The organisation of the youth camp is present at the Damen Raceroeiregatta and will organize activities especially for children!

Youth camp stands for a week where it is party every day, you are rowing and swims until you fall over and where every moment something fun happens. On the Regatta Boulevard you can taste the atmosphere, or take a look at the website www.jeugdroeikamp.nl or on the facebookpage: www.facebook.com/jeugdroeikamp.dsrvlaga

Regatta Boulevard
The organisation of the youth camp is present on the Regatta Boulevard with a special stand. Make crazy photos in the photobooth shows that you are the fastest on an ergometer! This is a rowing machine that says with a getalletje how hard you go.

Regatta Kids[:en]JRKoterland
Are you between the ages of 8 and 12? Come and join us in the JRKoterland! Here you can participate in exciting games together with rowers and other children. Learn more about rowing and ask your question to real rowers!

Regatta Kids[:]